Monday, November 21, 2011

Help more kids reach their dreams!

When you give to UCP of Sacramento and Northern California, you help kids like Sam reach their dreams – and moms like Jeri witness miracles.

Jeri still remembers her eyes filling with tears as she watched her son, Sam, play foos ball with his fellow Boy Scouts.

This typical childhood experience for most kids was a miracle for Sam.

At one point, Sam, diagnosed with autism at 22 months, required occupational therapy, two to three hours a day of private speech therapy, applied behavioral analysis and a daycare shadow 40 hours a week – and his socialization skills were still significantly lagging.

At UCP’s Autism Center for Excellence, Sam learned how to interact with other kids and reach his dream of joining the Boy Scouts.

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Sam’s speech is improving and he is learning he does not have to shy away from people. He continues to get more involved in Boy Scouts, attending Boy Scout Camp this past summer and helping with popcorn sales, gingerbread houses and a backpack demonstration – all as part of a community that accepts him.

“I couldn’t be more thankful that my husband is finally able to enjoy sharing the things he dreamed about from the time I was pregnant with Sam,” Jeri said.

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